This can be a very daunting task. I cannot emphasis enough how important a good business broker can be. Florida is different.

The four prerequisites of buying a business:

   Company can pay its expenses

   Company is making a profit

   Company can pay you a salary

   Company will give you an adequate return on investment

Factors a good broker will explore with you:

   Your motive for buying eg. visa, return on investment, bored, challenge, fun,  for children etc.

   Your past experience and interests

   What you can afford to pay and how much working capital you will need

Considerations while looking at a business to buy:

These are some very simple but very important factors in your final decision. The location of the business must be considered. In Orlando if you have bought a home in The Disney area you do not want to buy  a business in the North end of Orlando unless you enjoy  bumper to bumper traffic for several hours per day. Is the staff happy and will they stay. Is there a member of the crew that can fill the current owner's duties. Some of the things that have to be looked at and considered are:

    The lease has a minimum of 5 years available to you

    The business has potential foe growth and/or expansion

    The business is financible. Even if you are a cash buyer it is great to get a bankers assurance that they like it.

FAQ:                    What is the key ingredient in your success in any business.

Answer:                                                         P A S S I O N

In my 20 + years of business brokerage I have yet to see an individual fail if they were passionate about their business.




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